Drosera capillaris (Pink Sundew)


Plant Databases

Florida Endemic

Broward Species Field List (PDF)
Broward species listed as "Native" in the Institute for Regional Conservation database.

1940 Aerial Map: Coastal Broward
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1940 Aerial Map: Secret Woods park
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County Map Overview

Plant Communities (defined)

Broward Plant Communities (overlays)

Native Plants for Broward County Landscaping, FNPS (lots of discriptions)

Cultivated Plants by Plant Community
Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
University of Florida IFAS

Carnivous Plant Photos
International Carnivorous Plant Society

Chuck McCartney on Tillandsia fasciculata

Books & Laminated Guides (including a book review by Chuck McCartney)


Florida Native Plants Class (online lessons about plant communities & their native species by George Rogers and John Bradford)


Broward Conservation Areas
Areas as Listed in the IRC Database

Broward County, State, & City Parks

Broward Greenways Plan (PDF)

View Past Field Trips

Invasive Plant List

12 Everglades Invasive Plants (plus some animals)



FNPS Southeast Native Landscape Plant List (63 recommendations).

Plant Real Florida  (Florida Association of Native Nurseries)

Ten Propagation Fundamentals

Butterfly Garden Plants (especially for teachers and students)

Broward Urban Horticulture, Agricultural Extension


Nurseries and Landscapers
For members of the Florida Association of Native Nurseries, visit the website.
Extend your search to Palm Beach and Dade Counties for more choices.

Species Specific Cultivation Info (Hawthorn Hill Wildflowers Blog)
Use Search in this blog to find a particular species. Worth digging for as it is some best growing information we have found.

Landscape Plants for South Florida (George K. Rogers)

Fern Propagation by Mike Freedman & Jennifer Possley



We think you'll enjoy this video with Darrel Morrison, landscape architect ...

Botany & Conservation

Small World

South Florida Biologists

Plant History

Florida's Water and Land Legacy (a conservation amendment for the 2014 ballot)

Watch Plants Grow (not Florida natives, but interesting concepts & time lapse; advance using the Next> button)


E. O. Wilson has published a new textbook, Life on Earth, a truly wonderful multimedia experience about ecology and fascinating understandings about living things. Some chapters are about earth's plants. Most remarkable, the series (eventually 41 chapters, with the first 7 currently released) is free. Thank you to the E. O. Wilson Foundation and others. You can download each chapter from iTunes, but be patient. All those beautiful photos and videos within the book make the files very large.

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.