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Most images are plants native to Broward County, however, some only share the genera of local species. The stomatolites are an ancient algal form. If you discover additional photomicrographs of local species, please send us the links.

To pause an image: hover over it. Links are to original source information at Nikon Small World.

  • Butterfly egg on buds of Mimosa strigillosa (Powderpuff)
    Hemiargus isola, Reakirt’s Blue butterfly egg (6x) David Millard, Austin, Texas,
  • Stem of Acrostichum aureum (Giant Leather Fern)
    Leaf midrib (20x) Daphne Zbaeren-Colbourn, Bern, Switzerland,
  • Fossilized stromatolite
    Accumulations of cyanobacteria on a substrate (12.5x) Mr. Douglas Moore, University of Wisconsin,
  • Seed head of Hypericum sp. (St John's Wort)
    Dr. Arlene Wechezak, Anacortes, Washington, USA,
  • Pollen of Helianthus sp. (Sunflowers)
    Pollen (1500x), Dr. Anthony Hayes, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom,
  • Leaf of Rhizophora mangle (Red Mangrove)
    Leaf (40x) Daphne Zbaeren-Colbourn, Bern, Switzerland,
  • Leaf of Avicennia germinans (Black mangrove)
    Leaf (20x) Daphne Zbaeren-Colbourn, Bern, Switzerland,
  • Chloroplasts in leaf cells of Elodea canadensis (Canadian Waterweed, native in temperate N. Amer.)
    Chloroplasts (40x) Dr. Ales Kladnik, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Bladder of Utricularia pusilla (native: Puerto Rico)
    Bladder of insectivorous Utricularia (40x) Jose R. Almodovar, University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez - Mayagüez, Puerto Rico,