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Wildflower seed of 21 Broward species (grown in Florida) is now available on 2nd Wednesdays before and after the featured monthly speaker ($3 per packet). All other species sold in packets by the Florida Wildflower Foundation are either not native in Broward or grown outside the state, although the species available do change from time to time so our list of 21 species my not be perfectly up to date. Following is a video about general wildflower seed planting in Florida. From it you can infer how to plant your seed in a flowerbed or even a pots (weed-free soil, little to no fertilizer, weekly watering at first, etc.).

Florida Wildflower Foundation sells seed by the packet and in bulk:

Recognizing the seedlings from weedlings can be very useful. This Florida Wildflower Foundation site will help:

Seed of the following South Florida species is probably available. Choose the seed that best fits the sun and soil of your wildflower garden site.

  • Note: This does NOT mean that the seed was collected or propagated from local Broward plants and in fact it is unlikely that any of it is local Broward seed. Local seed is preferable, but only when all precautions, legal conditions, and good practices are followed. Seed should never be collected in parks or on protected lands or from any non-secure species regardless of location.

Require Mostly Sun & Wet Soils
          The flowers below can tolerate a few hours of shade and need soils that do not dry out.
Bidens mitis, Smallfruit  Beggarticks, Burr Marigold, 3, B, Burrs
Conoclinium coelestinum, Blue Mistflower, 2
Eupatorium serotinum, Late Boneset, 3
Muhlenbergia capillaris, Muhlygrass, 3, B
Solidago fistulosa, Pine Barren Goldenrod, 4, B
Vernonia gigantea, Giant Ironweed, 9, B

Require Full Sun & Wet Soils
          The flowers below want 6 or more hours of full sun and soils that do not dry out.
Canna flaccida, Golden Canna, 6, B
Coreopsis floridana, Florida tickseed, 3, B
Coreopsis leavenworthii, Leavenworth's Tickseed, 3, B
Eragrostis spectabilis, Purple Lovegrass, 3, B
Eryngium yuccifolium, Rattlesnake Master, 2, B
Eupatorium mikanioides, Semaphore Thoroughwort, 3
Eustoma exaltatum, Seaside Prairie Gentian, 3
Euthamia carolinliana, Slender Goldenrod, 3
Hibiscus grandiflorus, Swamp Rosemallow, 8
Hyptis alata, Clustered Bushmint, 4, B
Kosteletzkya virginica, Seashore Mallow, 6
Liatris spicata, Dense Blazing Star, 3, B
Lythrum alatum var. lanceolatum, Winged Loosestrife, 4
Pluchea odorata, Sweetscent, Salt Marsh Fleabane, 4
Solidago sempervirens, Seaside Goldenrod, 6
Solidago stricta, Wand Goldenrod, Slim Goldenrod, 4, B
Symphyotrichum elliottii, Elliott’s Aster, 4, Aggressive
Teucrium canadense, Wood Sage, Canada Germander, 3
Xyris difformis, Bog Yelloweyed Grass, 2, B

Require Mostly Sun & Rainfall
          The flowers below can tolerate a few hours of shade and may not require watering once established.
Carphephorus odoratissimus var. subtropicanus, Pineland Purple, False Vanillaleaf, 3
Chamaecrista fasciculata, Partridge Pea, 3, B
Helenium amarum, Yellow Sneezeweed, Bitterweed, Spanish Daisy, 3, B
Ipomoea alba, Moon Vine, Moonflower Vine, Vine, Aggressive
Solidago gigantea, Giant Goldenrod, 4
Verbesina virginica, Frostweed, 6

Require Full Sun & Rainfall
          The flowers below want 6 or more hours of full sun and may not require watering once established.
Ageratina jucunda, Hoarhound, Hammock Snakeroot, 3
Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Milkweed, 2, Sandy, evenly moist
Berlandiera subacaulis, Florida Greeneyes, 1
Dalea carnea, Pink Prairie Clover, 1
Dalea pinnata, Summer Farewell, 3, OB
Elephantopus elatus, Florida Elephants Foot, 1, B
Eupatorium mohrii, Mohr's Thoroughwort, 3
Flaveria linearis, Narrowleaf Yellowtops, 2
Helianthus debilis, Beach Sunflower, East Coast Dune Sunflower, 2
Heterotheca subaxillaris, Camphorweed, 4
Liatris chapmanii, Chapmans Blazing Star, Chapmans Gayfeather, 3
Liatris gracilis, Slender Blazing Star, 3, B
Linaria canadensis, Canada Toad Flax, 1
Mimosa strigillosa, Powderpuff, 0.3
Polygonella polygama var brachystachys, Wideleaf October Flower, 3
Rudbeckia hirta, Blackeyed Susan, 3
Sorghastrum secundum, Lopsided Indiangrass, 6, B
Sporobolus junceus, Pineywoods Dropseed, 3

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