Laminated Identification Guides

Three wildflower guides help you recognize our local native plants. Most pertinent is Roger Hammer's Guide to Common Native Species: Wildflowers of Southeastern Florida including the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park. With 89 wildflowers grouped by color, this guide is an easy way to learn the plants of Broward, Dade, Palm Beach and the Keys.

Roger Hammer's Southwest and Central Florida wildflower guides cover about 70 additional wildflowers each, duplicating about 16 species common across regions. His Trees of South Florida completes the South Florida set of four quides. Four additional guides feature wildlife. These waterproof guides are suitable for packs, pockets, sudden rainstorms, and coffee spills.

Wildflower Seed

Seed packets of over 20 wildflowers native to Broward are available online. All are from sources within Florida. The Florida Wildflower Foundation provides tips for growing seed that you can adapt for seeding small flowerbeds or containers. Visit Natives for Your Neighborhood to learn more about the wildflowers.

Note: We don't yet have a large inventory. If items are sold out, just send us an email so we can provide the quantities you need or check back in a week or so to see if the item is restocked. Our apologies if flowers you want are not immediately available.

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