What To Do!

Contribute money:

          For some people giving money is a good option because they are already busy, committed, and doing about all they can with their time. Here are ways to help with funds:

  • Join the Broward Chapter $35 individual (actually you are joining the Florida Native Plant Society statewide including all of the Society's many conservation efforts). A portion goes to the Broward Chapter to pay the bills that keep us operating. But perhaps most importantly, your membership is a voice for conservation added to many other voices. Numbers matter when it comes to pursuading others about the public interest in conservation.
  • Donate to the Natural Areas Conservation Fund for Broward (email for details). This fund makes grants to organizations actually saving and protecting rare species in Broward natural areas. The Broward Chapter Board decides which organization(s) can best put these funds to use through invasive removal, finding and tracking rare plant species survival, improving or restoring essential habitat, or otherwise directly improving the most critical needs of rare species. Non-monetary awards are given to organizations that have funds.
  • Donate or leave a legacy to the Florida Native Plant Society. You can support all or any of the actions of the Society state organization. If you have a specific area of interest, just say so in correspondence or make a general donation of support here.



          Annually the Broward Chapter volunteers at the Secret Woods Nature Center because this park hosts our monthly meetings and because it is an important urban habitat for plants and wildlife. Contact Molly Taylor or other park staff for an upcoming volunteer opportunity at ‭(954) 357-8884‬.

          Throughout the year Broward County supervises invasive removal work in county-managed natural areas (usually on a Saturday). Contact Linda Briggs-Thompson at 954-357-8120 for specific information about the next workday (actually just the morning). The Broward Chapter applaudes this as some of the most important work being done to help save rare species in Broward.

          You may already know something that would help conservation efforts in Broward including efforts aready underway by the Broward Chaper. For example, the Chapter website and social media sites, plants sales at meetings, educational materials for members and the public, representing the Broward Chapter at events such as Water Matters Day and many others, etc. Whatever you skill or interest, please let us know what you want to improve and we will make a way to make it happen. Contact Richard Browscombe, Chapter President, with your idea and offer of help.


Speak out:

          Local politicians, government administrators, corporate decision-makers, and local foundations are very often poorly informed about nature in Broward. When you see something you like or don't like, let them know. You may be the first person they have heard from on an issue or you may be adding to the public voice of grassroots concerns. Don't underestimate the power of the public voice, your voice, to significally improve the suvival and standing of nature in Broward County. Too few of us actually speak out.


Be creative:

          Helping the Broward Chapter's conservation work is good, of course, but many of our bright and creative members already know important things to do for local conservation. It is not all about the Chapter, it's about helping nature and we support all your efforts toward that end.