Protected Lands in Broward

The map below links to the interactive map of the protected lands in Broward county. Click on each park or preserve to see the name, acreage, managing entity, and habitat type. Yellow areas are county; red are city, light blue are state; and pink are privately owned.

To see a list of plant species that live on each property, click here on the Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC) site to find the name of the property, Plants by Conservation Area. From the Conservation Area species list you can click on individual species to see photos and learn more about them. The species link to "Natives for Your Neighborhood" is particularly useful (if it has that link). All species have a link to the Atlas of Floria Vascular Plants, with more photos, a map of counties where the species is native, original voucher cards of each species, and other information.

To see a comprehensive List of Public Parks and Preserves in Broward, listed under the city in which they are located, click here.

Click on the map below for the full-page, interactive map of Broward's protected lands.