We're interested in everything about native plants in Broward: seeing them in the wild, learning their names, discovering rare species, and planting native plants from nurseries in home gardens, commercial landscapes, and public spaces. We work to conserve, preserve, and restore habitats for native plants in Broward. Protecting indigenous plants is essential to the protection of wild and migrating creatures who absolutely depend on particular native plants for food and reproduction. Native plants perform so many essential functions for healthy ecosystems and a healthy environment for people, too.

Read our eNews, attend speaker events, come on fieldtrips, be an advocate for plants and nature, or join the Florida Native Plants Society to support our work. There are many ways to participate. Find your niche (click here).
MEET with us at Julia Hall, Secret Wood Nature Center to hear a featured SPEAKER on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. The public is invited free of charge.


WALK with us in the wilds, parks, natural areas, and local gardens to see native plants and wildlife. The public is invited free of charge.


View the Calendar for upcoming SPEAKERS and FIELDTRIPS.
Note: There are no speakers or fieldtrips in July and August.


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FNPS Landscaping Brochure

Here is the Southeast Regional FNPS Native Landscaping brochure (Brevard to Dade). One side shows 63 recommended native landscape species in their "right place" (sunny-dry soils, for example) with at least 6 species for each light and soil-moisture zone. The other side has basic native landscaping tips and recommended links and books for additonal information. You can get a copy at any Broward Chapter event.


Or view the brochure online here.


Explore the PLANTS + menu above for much more information about Broward native plants.